Useful Backpacks Mod for Minecraft 1.20.2, 1.20.1 and 1.19.4

Useful Backpacks Mod for Minecraft 1.20.2, 1.20.1 and 1.19.4, incorporates more than ten useful backpacks. Of course, it will be possible to store items inside.

The backpacks can be dyed using any type of dye, something that will allow them to be distinguished. In addition, they will work seamlessly with the rest of the game’s mods.

Useful Backpacks is in charge of facilitating the transportation of items, adding more than a dozen innovative backpacks that can be used to store different items. In addition, the backpacks can be manufactured in different sizes and colors.

The manufacturing method is really simple, only four blocks of wool, four blocks of leather and a thread (for the small version) will be necessary. In the case of upgrading the backpack to a higher level, the thread must be replaced by the previous model.


Installation of Useful Backpacks:

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