Best mineral mods for version 1.16.5, this pack has many of the best and funniest mineral mods to play in your Minecraft games.

All these modpacks are designed to make the most of your Minecraft experience with mods. Of course, it can be played both together and separately. That is, there would be no problem playing with all these mods at the same time.

Download links at the bottom of this page.

SimpleOres adds new minerals to our Minecraft games, also these new minerals are not too complex. These new minerals are, Tin, Mithril, Copper, Onyx and Adamantium.

Most of these minerals can be found in the Overworld, aunque también contamos con el Ónix, el cual solo se encontrará en el Nether. This makes it a perfect mod, as it adds content in both dimensions.

Resynth is one of the most interesting mods that we can find in Minecraft, it is responsible for completely changing the entire mining system, farms and mineral collection.

Now, with this mod installed we can cultivate absolutely any resource we need. To cultivate these elements, we simply have to choose between the three new types of seeds that it adds (mineral seeds, items or objects).

Yung’s Better Mineshafts completely modifies the Mineshafts. These new Mineshafts will have nothing to do with the default ones and we will have more than seventy varieties of them.

The varieties of the Mineshafts will depend on the biome you are in at the moment. That is, it will not be the same if you are under a desert or that you are under a jungle, the decoration and design of the Mineshaft will be different.

Yung’s Better Caves completely modifies Minecraft caves, as if it were 1.17. These new caves will be much bigger and more beautiful than the predetermined caves.

We will have the power to customize all the generations of the caves to our liking through a configuration menu. That is, the mod by default changes them to your liking, but they can be modified again.

More Charcoal add new varieties of fuels for Minecraft, these new fuels will have different shapes and a different duration. Also, as with coal, we can make a block of each of them and the duration will be longer.

The new minerals that it adds are: Apple charcoal, beets, carrots, potatoes, sugar cane, bread and melon among other various fuel resources. All of them can be seen in the image on the right.

Miner’s Helmet It will allow us to craft a mining helmet, which is placed on the player’s head (as if it were a helmet) and it will illuminate in the direction in which we are looking. The helmet, when mining will save you time and torches.

Of course, be careful, obviously by not lighting some enemies can appear in the dark. The helmet also works underwater and will serve to see perfectly in your darker interiors. That is, it will work anywhere on the map.

Easy Steel & More is a mod that adds new minerals with which we can craft many varied and useful elements for the game. The new minerals that the game adds are copper, steel, hardened steel, tungsten and titanium, among others.

Not all of them can be found underground, some are made of alloys (like hardened steel), so you will have to experiment with the others to obtain them in survival mode.

Compact Ores adds different mineral resources to the game, creating a compressed version of each of the main minerals in the game. That compressed version will result in greater efficiency when it comes to chopping.

That is, if before mincing a gold ore gave us only a simple ore, now we will have the option of giving us more than one. It is more difficult to find, but it will also result in more mineral collection.


How to download and install ModPacks for Minecraft?

  1. Download Forge for the version we want.
  2. Download ModPack for the same version.
  3. The pack and Forge version must match.
  4. Double-click on the downloaded Forge file to run the installer. 
  5. Start Minecraft with Forge and close it when it is open.
  6. We write %appdata% and open the folder called “.minecraft”.
  7. Paste the downloaded “mods” folder into the mod pack.  
  8. We open Minecraft with the previously downloaded Forge version.
  9. We can now play with the desired mod.
  10. On this page you will always find the official and updated download links. 



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